It’s a new year and many of us look for ways to make a fresh start…out with the old, in with the new as the old saying goes. One of the last things we want to think about is having to replace our roof.  Let’s be real…roofs aren’t nearly as exciting as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom and most people don’t even think about their roof until they have an active leak. But like it or not, it’s probably one of the most important structures on your home. If your roof is not healthy, it puts your home and its contents at risk.  Here are some common signs that you may need a new roof:

  1.  SIGNS IN THE ATTIC: While you’re up in the attic putting away all your holiday decorations, take some time to look at the roof decking for any streaks or water staining.  This is the first sign that you have a leaky roof. 
  1. DAMAGED SHINGLES: if you notice shingles with curled edges, cracking or cupping, this is a good indicator that your roof needs replacing.  One of the most common causes of this type of damage is age. Simply put, your roof just might be too old. Other signs to look for are missing or lifted shingles which may indicate wind damage.
  1. WHERE HAVE ALL THE GRANULES GONE? Excessive granule accumulation in gutters or in drip area could mean many things. Worst case scenario is defective or aging shingles that can’t defend your house against harsh weather effectively. Shingles with bald spots indicate the end of an asphalt shingle roof life, especially when they’re large or if they expose the substrate.
  1. I HAVE A SINKING FEELING:  soft spots or visibly sagging areas on your roof could be an indication that the decking has weakened.  This is typically caused by water damage.  If you’re seeing this type of damage, seek professional assessment immediately to avoid further or continued damage to your home.
  1. AGE ISN’T JUST A NUMBER: All roofs have a life cycle and eventually will need to be replaced.  A 30 year roof in the Houston area in reality only has a life expectancy of 15 – 18 years.  You can thank our extremely hot summers and periodic severe weather for that. 

DR Roofing & Construction Services offers free roof and attic inspections so give us a call to come check out any roofing concerns you may have.  We are also General Contractors and can help with any of your home improvement or renovation projects. 713-306-9110

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